No, No & No! Trading Wilson Is The Dumbest Thing I’ve Heard!: SportpressNW Says Trade Russell Wilson

Cool Awesome Russell Wilson


No, no and no! Trading Wilson is the dumbest thing I’ve heard!

“A fun and provocative article, Art. Now set down the bong, and let’s get back to reality.
Without a quality QB, a team’s chances for success are about as remote as a 15 minute commute in Seattle. DangeRuss has proven he can win, that he can carry the team on his back if needed, in spite of a Swiss cheese o-line. Side note: I recently learned that “Ifedi” is Algonquin for “orange traffic cone.”
The market is the market. A bigger question to me is how the league can have a market dynamic where one position (QB) consistently eats up well over 10% of a team’s payroll. How does that scale over the long term? With the exception of the Evil Empire in Foxboro, everyone else is playing roulette on a given year with a QB and 52 other guys. What the hell?
Love your articles Art. Be well. If you partake, you may now return to your regularly scheduled bong…” Wheezy

Here is some of the article written by Art Thiel:

It’s hard to know which list is longer: The Seahawks’ NFL-leading penalties, or the club’s off-season to-do list. Now, league-wide developments have added emphasis to an issue that didn’t seem to be much of a question before December’s seasonal fade:
What to do with QB Russell Wilson?
Matters internal and external have worked together to ratchet up the uncertainty around many things inside team headquarters in Renton.
We know that despite earlier speculation otherwise, coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider remain at their posts and fully engaged in an emergency overhaul after an abrupt fall-off in performance combined with an equally abrupt rise in the quality of NFC West competition, including new coaches for all three division rivals since the end of 2016.
But the marketplace for quarterbacks has abruptly disrupted planning across the NFL, and the ripples are splashing against the VMAC

Despite being harassed more than a lame sheep at a wolfpack’s birthday party, Wilson led the NFL with 34 touchdown passes last season. He accounted for approximately 233 percent of the Seahawks offense, and could have had more if he’d had the guts to insist on kicking field goals. According to Pro Football Focus, Wilson was the first QB in NFL history to account for 100 percent of his team’s passing yards and at least 30 percent of his team’s rushing yards in a single season.
Yet Carroll, despite knowing that Wilson’s 238 career sacks taken leads the NFL over his six-year career, found the guts to jump on Wilson’s case at halftime of the must-win final game against Arizona to get him to do better. Not long after that, Carroll fired two of Wilson’s supervisors, coaches Darrell Bevell and Tom Cable, in some part because they weren’t getting Wilson to do the right thing with sufficient frequency.
And with both coordinators fired, it is reasonable to presume that a majority of the 25 coaching positions the Seahawks had last year will change hands. SportspressNW


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