Seahawks Offense Under Schottenheimer?: Film Room Breakdown Of Brian Schottenheimers Favorite Schemes

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With the Seattle Seahawks hiring Mike Solari as their offensive line coach, Brian Schottenheimer as their offensive coordinator, and Ken Norton Jr. as their defensive coordinator, I wanted to take a look at the possible schemes that these coaches could bring to Seattle. I already looked at Solari (here), Norton Jr. (here), and Schottenheimer’s run game (here), so in this article I wanted to take a look at what his passing game could look like.


I wanted to take a look at some of his favorite passing concepts and what the #Seahawks could look like next year.

Schottenheimer LOVED the three verts and four verts concepts. He would use this to force the defense into a three-deep or four-deep coverage look to open holes underneath for his receivers to gain YAC. Very effective. 

Russell Wilson can’t be afraid to take shots in this offense under Schottemheimer. It’s more critical than ever for him to give his receivers deep ball opportunities. Pumped for Baldwin, Lockett, and maybe Darboh to see what they can do. #Seahawks

Did you ask for more screens for the #Seahawks this season? Well, the #Rams back in 2014 ran one maybe once or twice a game. It was pretty effective on second and long actually with the threat of the deep passing attack.

Schottenheimer rarely used quick passing game concepts. He’d use them sparingly on first and ten as drive starters, but I saw more on second and long to make third downs more manageable (similar to screen passes). 

If the #Seahawks keep Jimmy Graham he’s going to look GOOD in this vertical passing game. Lots of seam routes. Lots of vertical switch concepts to get him open. The #Rams used Jared Cook back then and I think Graham can do it better.

One of the pluses of having an extremely vertical passing game is the number of wide open running lanes Russell Wilson should get if the receivers pull the defenders out of the way.    

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