Get Ready For A Crazy Offseason: Seattle Seahawks 2018

Seattle Seahawks

Get ready for a lot of crazy moves for the Seahawks this offseason. The Seahawks have many choices to make and a lot of them include star players like Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, Jimmy Graham and several other players. This offseason will define the future of the hawks and they have already started in the coaching circle which they have completely gone through. That was only the beginning though.

Here are some thoughts for what has happened and what may happen:

1. One clear voice for Russell Wilson. The decision to move receivers coach Dave Canales to quarterback coach instead of hiring Jim Zorn shows Pete Carroll wanted one clear voice for quarterback Russell Wilson. It’s Brian Schottenheimer.
2. Zorn would have been intriguing as the quarterback coach but Carroll wanted one solid voice.
3. Schottenheimer’s mission is to fix the running game. Carroll wants a balanced offense. Schottenheimer did a great job manufacturing the run when he was with Rex Ryan on the New York Jets staff. The Jets made it to the AFC title game with Schottenheimer calling plays for Mark Sanchez, but the Jets’ offense lost talent on an annual basis, which exposed Sanchez’s limitations.
4. Schottenheimer’s other experience. One thing to study is the benefit of Schottenheimer getting experience during his time with the University of Georgia. Many of the new, successful head coaches are incorporating college plays from spread and Air Raid offenses.
5. The hiring of Mike Solari was huge. He’s one of the best offensive line coaches in the league.
6. Didn’t see that coming. The biggest surprise was the parting of the ways with defensive coordinator Kris Richard, who is now the pass defense coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys. Richard is a rising star among defensive coaches, but Carroll wanted more fire from his defense.
7. Trying to connect the dots is wasting time. Don’t think Richard’s hiring in Dallas means anything as far as Earl Thomas’s interest in becoming a Cowboy. The Cowboys have a young secondary and aren’t bad at free safety. They can’t afford to give up a No. 1 and No. 4 to pick Thomas up in a trade. Not only that, they cut salary in the secondary last year.
8. The hiring of Norton fits the Seahawks’ roster shifts. Norton was a great linebacker coach who developed Malcolm Smith, Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright. 710espn

The Seahawks are expected to have plenty of turnover on both the roster and coaching staff heading into 2018. Many of those coaching changes have already been announced, but player personnel decisions will likely happen a bit closer to the start of the new league year on March 14.
Jim Moore argues Bennett’s age will work against him, and Seattle can’t expect to get much more than they’re already getting. Dave Wyman, on the other hand, thinks the offsides issue is something Bennett will have to, and can, fix by himself, and believes keeping him on the roster is the way to go.
“Either way, you’ve never seen him drop off as far as his effort and the way he plays on the field,” Wyman said. “He’s always high-energy. He is an example for all the defensive lineman who are in that group. That’s the thing I admire so much about him, and I do think he’s still a very disruptive player.” 710 ESPN


Fans expected more than a few roster changes after the Seahawks’ 9-7 season, but a potential trade of one of its best players probably wasn’t one of them. Still, it’s a sitution Seattle finds itself in after All Pro safety Earl Thomas said he wouldn’t feel comfortable playing without securing another contract.
Thomas, 28, has one year left on his current deal, but the Seahawks have previously extended veteran players with as much time remaining; safety Kam Chancellor, defensive end Michael Bennett, and running back Marshawn Lynch were all granted such offers. His recent injuries, high trade value, and age (Thomas will be 29 by the start of the 2018 regular season) have been used as reasons why the Seahawks would be better off trading him. 710ESPN


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