3 Reasons Why Russell Wilson Will Have A New QB Coach Who Has Never Been A QB Or A QB Coach

Seahawks Game Plan

The Seahawks continue to overhaul there coaching staff and now Russell Wilson will have a new QB Coach. It has left a lot of people wondering why Dave Canales, here are 3 reasons why:

  • New offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer really has a hands on approach with his offense. He will be right in there with Russell Wilson and will be very much involved with what he wants out of Russ. This will allow Dave Canals to ease into the role and work with Brian.
  • Dave Canales has had a very good relationship with Russell already, and knows him better than Brian at this point. He knows Pete Carroll’s system very well, he’s worked with Carroll dating back to 2009 at USC.
  • Pete Carroll and John Schneider love hire from within, and bringing back familiarity with Russell Wilson will certainly help Schottenheimer revamp the offensive game plan.

“He’s got a relationship with (Russell Wilson),” Huard said. “He’s a trustworthy guy, he’s been in this program from day one, came in, and worked his way up. He’s done an excellent job with the receivers, developing Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse and that receiving crew. He’s been a builder all the way along, and Pete trusts him. Period, end of story. ‘I want somebody in my last go-to here … that I can lean on, that’s honest, that I have a relationship with,’ and thus, Canales is the QB coach.”
Of note, Canales has neither played nor coached the quarterback position before; while he’s been part of an NFL coaching staff for seven years, he originally played wide receiver at Azusa Pacific University. It’s not a knock against Canales, but for Huard, it’s certainly something to point to if you’re looking for cons.
“The case against is that he’s never done it,” Huard said. “I argued yesterday for Jim Zorn because it’s something new. Something a little uncomfortable, something that is blunt and in your face, and has a new fresh perspective and new eyes on some of the situations. If you’ve never played the position, it’s not saying you can’t do it by any means, but it’s much more difficult to do. And I don’t know that at this stage that’s what Russell needs in his career. So, because of that … I have a hard time making total sense of it.” 710sports

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