What Do The Seahawks Think Of The Redskins?

Injured players back Seattle

Head Coach Pete Carroll

On how big of a handle is Redskins OLB Ryan Kerrigan going to be to deal with…

“He is a really good football player. He is talented.  He’s got strength and size and all that stuff, but the best part about him is how hard he plays.  He has a tremendous motor and he just won’t let up. He is going to break you down in the game.  Run, pass, run and pass. He has been an excellent player but he just plays with such a high motor that you just have to take care of him play after play after play and he is going to get you some in the game anyway.  He is just that good.”

On what stands out to you with Kirk Cousins and their passing game…

“He is a really smart player.  He is all around really equipped to do all of the stuff. He can throw the ball down the field.  He is quick with the football.  He runs well. He’s got a rushing average.  He is rushing for over 5 yards a carry, so he is capable there. They run him a little bit in the run game, but he can escape and scramble too.  He is tough. He is a 68 percent completion.  He is 13 and four, with touchdowns and picks.  His yards per attempt are big.  One hundred and three rating, he is playing great. He is an excellent football player. Whatever they ask him to do, he can do.  It’s been fun.  I remarked earlier when we were checking out and were first being introduced to Russell [Wilson] and Kirk was there at the same night that we interviewed them back at the hotel and both of those guys were so impressive.  After that night, we were talking about how impressed we all were with the way they came across and their strengths and their smarts and their background and all that stuff. It is really not a surprise.  He is a really good football player.” For More On What The Seahawks Said…Seahawks.com



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