Earl Thomas Is A Game Time Decision But McDougald Is Ready To Go: “He just knows where to be and understands our defense..”

Seahawks defensive line play

“It was very similar to when we ran into Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril several years ago, it was just a player who we had rated very highly as an unrestricted guy,” Schneider said in March at the NFL annual meetings. “We loved what he did last year with 90-some tackles and the guy was still out there (in free agency). It’s one of those deals where, again, we have a good relationship with his agent, they reached out to us, his market didn’t exactly go exactly where he wanted, so that’s where we were able to kind of work out a one-year deal with him and see where it goes.”
To be clear, Schneider wasn’t predicting the same impact from McDougald that those two pass-rushers, who both went on to become Pro Bowlers in Seattle, have had since 2013, but the Seahawks did see a tremendous value in the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers starter, so they pounced on the chance to sign him. The Seahawks valued McDougald in part because of what he brings on special teams—he currently leads the team with seven special teams tackles—and also because of the flexibility it gives the Seahawks to do some different things on defense, using McDougald along with Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas, who when healthy never leave the field. Most notably, McDougald played 29 percent of the snaps against the New York Giants, spending most of his afternoon covering dynamic rookie tight end Evan Engram.

But the Seahawks didn’t just sign McDougald for what he has been thus far, but also because they wanted to be well-equipped to handle an injury at safety.

“Very fortunately on our end of it, Bradley has been a starter in the league for years and he’s got the experience, the savvy,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. “He is a playmaker, he is really tough, he’s a good tackler, and we have spotted him all over the place to do things in coverage as well as the running game. He’s just a really, really good football player to be able to set up. There is no question, we don’t have any hesitation in him playing and keeping the plan, principles intact and all of that. This was a guy that we were very fortunate to get in the offseason. John (Schneider) figured this one out early on, and he’s been a great addition to our team and now he is ready to go.  He is excited about it, and really I’m anxious to see him play.”

“Bradley does a great job for us when he gets in the game,” Chancellor said. “He’s always on his fits, he makes his tackles, he does a great job in press coverage, man coverage, he just knows where to be and understands our defense. So if we have to go with Bradley, we’ll feel comfortable going with him.”
Added linebacker K.J. Wright, “He’s a starter in this league. Every time he gets out there, he’s a playmaker. I’m glad he’s on this team. It’s crazy when you have a guy like that who’s not even a starter. He’s going to step in and be just fine. You guys will see how good he is.” Seahawks.com


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