Exhausted Seahawks D Fails As Russell Wilson Puts Up Career Highs

russell wilson

The game was almost unbearable for the first 28 minutes.

Then it became unbelievably exciting at the end of the second quarter and the start of the third.

And then it tapered off into another road loss that was excruciating if only because it was the defense that let the Seahawks down.

Titans 33, Seahawks 27 at Nissan Stadium.

If you missed it, you didn’t miss much. For 28 minutes, the Seahawks offense couldn’t do anything, and for the final 32 minutes, their defense couldn’t stop anyone.

In a game where Russell Wilson threw a career-high 49 passes for a regular-season career-high 376 yards, it was the defense that ultimately let Seattle down.  710Sports.com

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