Here’s What The Titans Are Say About The Seahawks

tenessee, seahawks

“Very well coached team, disciplined and experienced team.  Guys that have been together for a while.  I know there is a couple new faces, but for the most part it’s the same team in all three phases.  I have some experience again earlier from my other meetings with them, but a team that plays extremely hard, physical, fast…good football team.”

(On Russell Wilson’s ability to pressure a defense with his scrambling…) “From what I’ve seen on film so far, the guy makes plays on his feet and he keeps the drives alive, plays alive. That’s the frustrating part. You see guys up front just trying to get him down, trying to get him down, but he’s very elusive and he’s been doing that throughout his career and that’s what makes him special. … We’ve got to make sure we can rattle this guy and keep him in the pocket.”

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