Sheldon Richardson And How He Did In His Debut?: Seahawks Video

Seahawks defensive line play

Sheldon Richardson And How He Did In His Debut?: Seahawks Video

Just days before the opener, Sheldon Richardson was traded from New York Jets to the Seattle Seahawks. Last week I took a look at what he did in his 2015 season and this week — as you’ll see in the video above — it’s time to see how he looks in a Seattle uniform. Unfortunately, his first game was a disappointing season opener where the Seahawks failed to score a touchdown on the day and struggled mightily on offense against the rival Green Bay Packers.

The Seattle defense, however, looked as good as its been in a few years now with Earl Thomas healthy again, and a monstrous defensive line nicknamed “Death Row,” which includes the new addition of Richardson. The last time the team traveled to play in Lambeau, they notched only one sack and it was after the game was already out of reach. This time, however, the Seahawks had 4 sacks by halftime from a much-improved defensive line and a healthy secondary. Field Gulls


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