Hawk Talk With Pete Carroll: Green Bay, Injuries And Getting Back To It

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Hawk Talk With Pete Carroll: Green Bay, Injuries And Getting Back To It

“The third downs tell the story again. They are at like 50%, were 25%. We get the ball for 48 plays they get it for 70.
It was a hard start in a really good battle. We did a nice job right before the half. So its 3 zip and it really comes down to the mistakes we made. We turned the ball over on the 5, and we get caught on the hurry up play. They score 2 touchdowns right there. And you know we get our touchdown taken away (Naz Jones pick six nullified). It was a game that really could have been won and really didn’t need to play that well to win it. Just need to not screw it up and we did.

What stood out?:  The inconsistency to run the ball and protect like we needed to do. Special Teams was phenomenal on this day we saw a lot of bright spots and things we needed to see on the defensive side. You saw Chris run the ball real well. I thought Russell played a really good game under the circumstances. I know he missed No E (Tyler Lockett) on the deep ball we needed to get but the guy grabbed him. So stuff like that happens, but i thought there were a lot of positives. Its just going to take a little bit to get going again.

  Shaq Griffin-He was really good and really confidant, and really pleased with the way he played.

   Thomas (Rawls) looked really good last week but just didn’t have the confidence to make sure he was over it and done. I think he’s going to come out Wednesday’s practice and be raring to go and we wont look back. That was the idea we want to get it behind him and make sure its done. But the high ankles do linger and i hope he’ll feel good on it. We want it behind us instead of it kind of be gone, that’s why we made that move. He did feel some stuff(last week in practice), so that’s why we made that decision.” PETE CARROLL ON BROCK AND SALK




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