10 Seahawks That Can Make A Huge Impact In 2017: Seahawks Players

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Top 10 Seahawks Players That Can Really Impact The Seahawks Season

Yes, we all know Russell Wilson, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Bennett, Avril and Richard Sherman are the soul of the hawks. But here are some impactful players that are not so obvious or on the verge of a break out year.


  1. Thomas Rawls – Rawls has the ability to be a one of the most exciting backs in the NFL. Unfortunately, injuries really started to tear him down throughout last year. Lacy is a bruiser but the Hawks really want Rawls to take the bull by the horns and own this spot. Upside for 2017: 1000+ yards and 10 TDs,  I set his touchdowns lower due to Lacy being the pound in back.
  2. Eddie Lacy – Lacy is a proven bruising back and now he is lighter. The Seahawks could ride him for the season if Rawls can’t get back to form. Surely, Lacy will be a major contributor no matter what. How every back fits in though, only the season will play it out. Upside for 2017: 1000+ yards and 15 touchdowns
  3. Paul Richardson– Richardson could be a dynamite 3rd WR. He has the speed, agility and knack for bringing the ball in that could really get him  a lot of balls. Especially when teams will use their best corners on Baldwin and Lockett. Upside: 700 yards 4 Touchdowns
  4. Frank Clark – Clark really took a huge step last year and this could be his break out season. The “Death Row” line up at the pass rusher positions will only help propel Clark to his best season to date. Upside for 2017: 10+ sacks but even if his sacks decline due to the 4 great pass rushers the Seahawks have, Clarks disruption will be felt this year, similar to Michael Bennett.
  5. Sheldon Richardson – Richardson adds that missing interior pass rush the Seahawks haven’t since Clinton McDonald in the 2013 SB season. Upside: 6+ Sacks would be a huge addition to the pass rush and would mean he is really closing the pocket for QB’s fast.
  6. Shaq Griffin – Griffin will no doubt be picked on this year but he has the tools to make a decent corner even though its his rookie season. Yes, we must be patient with him but I feel he can hold his own. Rookie mistakes will be made but he doesn’t have to be perfect to be a huge addition to the secondary. Upside: He holds down the corner spot opposite Sherman
  7. Tyler Lockett – Coming off a brutal injury its hard to guage how long it will take for Lockett to be a full game speed, but it sounds like he will be ready to go this Sunday. I would look for Lockett to have a powerful 2nd half of the season. Upside: takes off in the 2nd half of season 700+ yards and 5 TDs
  8. Blair Walsh: Walsh has shown he has a monster leg and that he can kick very accurately in the preseason. Walsh just needs to prove he can come through in clutch. Upside: Just be a reliable kicker.
  9. Jimmy Graham – Jimmy Graham last year powered through a gruesome injury and still made the Pro Bowl as an alternate. Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham have really started to connect and that rhythm showed throughout last year. Upside for 20171000 yards8-10 touchdowns and finally be the redzone threat the hawks have wanted him to be.
  10. Offensive Line: – The offensive line will be the key to the Seahawks making a run at the SB. So many ?’s remain but all we need is for them to be at least average and Russ will take care of the rest. Upside: Average Oline 
  11. *WILD CARD* Chris Carson– Carson is the Wildcard in the backfield. The Seahawks will give him a chance this season to prove himself. If Rawls or Lacy get hurt Carson will get his shot. Upside: 500 yards & 4Tds

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