Doug Baldwin Talks About The Level Of Maturity Shaq Griffin Has

Doug Baldwin Talks About The Level Of Maturity Shaq Griffin Has

  • Do you ever see the poise that everyone talks about with Shaquill Griffin, do you ever see that in rookie cornerbacks? I just said this probably an hour ago. Shaquill is probably one of my favorite rookies ever, when it comes to the mental side of the game. Nothing phases fazes him. It’s pretty incredible for a rookie to come in, at that position, to have that amount of poise, that amount of mental strength. He’s phenomenal. He’s extremely mature. Shaq is just…I really don’t know how to describe it. He seems like a 10 year vet, maturity wise. I don’t know how to explain it. He’s ready for the job. Every time that I look at him, that I watch him, his mannerisms and his body language don’t show that of a rookie. He seems like he is very comfortable in his own skin, very comfortable in his position and he’s learning as much as he can. He’s taking it from the older guys like Richard [Sherman] and he’s translating it to the football field very quickly, which is extremely impressive for a rookie.
  • Is there an example that left an impression on you? I can’t remember what preseason game it was but they threw several go-balls on him, deep balls, and he broke up every single one of them. He didn’t act like he was surprised. He didn’t really celebrate it. He was just like “this is what I do.” It was very reassuring body language that I received from him in those moments. That’s just something that comes with time and for him to have that at such an early age is extremely impressive.
  • (To clarify, he is your favorite rookie at the position since Sherman? No, no, Sherm was definitely not my favorite rookie at all.
  • Would that serve Griffin well when going up against Rodgers in Lambeau? Absolutely. He’s going up against one of the best quarterbacks this league has seen in Aaron Rodgers and he’s gonna have to do it. Our defense is depending on him, our team is depending on him. He carries that very confidently. Does he have a challenge at his feet this weekend? Yes, he does. However I am not too concerned about it. I think he’s going to be ready for it.  Read The Rest Of The Interview With Doug Baldwin……

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