Ranked The Worst In NFL For Offensive Lines: PFF Not Convinced

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“Even with the addition of Luke Joeckel, there’s little reason to think this won’t yet again be the worst offensive line in the NFL. They finished dead last a season ago in snap-adjusted run-blocking grade and snap-adjusted pass-blocking grade. Getting PFF’s lowest-graded left tackle, George Fant, out of the starting lineup should help, but it won’t fix the unit overnight.’’

You can scoff at PFF’s rankings. But as this Monday Morning Quarterback story also published Tuesday notes, PFF carries a lot of weight around the NFL with 26 teams subscribing to the site and perusing its numbers.

That obviously doesn’t mean the ranking impacts anything that will happen on the field in the fall. But it does suggest that the view around the NFL remains that Seattle’s weak link is the offensive line — I realize that’s not breaking news — and that the team’s offseason moves are no guarantee of improvement, which is the more relevant part of any OL discussion.

And, in fact, what PFF cites as one reason it thinks the line could be better even if the Seahawks might dispute it — moving Fant out out of the starting lineup — may not happen. Seattle Times


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