Seahawks Will Have Alot Of $ Coming Off Their Salary Cap Next Year

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Jimmy Graham, $10 million

Luke Joeckel, $8 million

Kam Chancellor, $7 million

Coming in shortly later is Eddie Lacy, who has a cap hit of $4.25 million. In total, that’s almost $30 million of cap room. Now, does that mean that Seattle will have the most cap room? Of course not. The Seahawks currently have about $8-9 million in cap room and with certain raises, are only set to have $35 million in space for 2018. If they re-sign three of those players, then the cap room quickly disappears.

Where could more room come from?

Assuming everyone is healthy and has an expected amount of production, the most likely cap casualty candidates are Jeremy Lane ($4.75 million saved if released in 2018, $6 million with a June 1 designation) and Jermaine Kearse ($5 million). Additionally, if Seattle opts to part ways with Richard Sherman in one form or another, that would be an additional $11 million off of the books. Field Gulls

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