Seattle Seahawks Fans React To ESPN’s Article: 12s Voice

Jason1. it’s an ESPN article aka trash news. 2. How many rings does the writer have? 3. Pete Carroll has championships in both college and professional. His credibility speaks for itself. 4. I’ve mentioned it’s an article written by ESPN?

Randy Don’t have enough Sports news to report on it for 24 hours so you have to drum up stories to cause a riff in one of the better organizations …. It s a story on speculations so it doesn’t have to show facts …. one reason I quit watch SportsCenter … Sports News is about Sports not about life away from the game ,.. leave that to National Enquirer or People magazine

Amber: But, TMZ style reporting is so popular right now … that’s probably why ESPN is in the toilet right now …
I agree with you 100% – lets keep sports about sports

Dayna:  No more distractions, let’s focus on training and preparations for SEAHAWKS FOOTBALL!!

AlfonsoIt’s funny how all these articles are crap to unsettle the fans and it’s because the gossip is dry and it happens to every team I bet but anywho it wasn’t just Russell Wilson’s fault it was people like Ricardo Lockette who got intercepted it was Bevell for that awful call it was Pete Carroll who allowed a dummy like Bevell to make a foolish decision but oh well it is what it is

Anthony: “dummy like Bevell” hahah, love that part. It sounds like when the guys at work get me ranting about that play. These articles seem to feed peoples need for gossip, but i refuse to be distracted from 3 things.:How the secondary can get back on the same page, how the o-line can get better, & how the running backs can perform better.

Mike: I keep reading and hearing how Sherman is still upset about the SB loss and that last play. And how Russell and the Offense could not win the game. Sorry but it’s time to acknowledge that the Defense and the LOB has consistently allowed teams to get back into games after another score by Seattle. Too many games where it comes down to the 4th Qtr (which Pete loves) and the last 2 minutes. How is it that our Offense goes down and scores only to have our Defense allow the other team to drive down the field and score? To Sherman I say, grow up. When your sh*t don’t stink, then you can criticize others. If you don’t like playing with the team then move on. I am a die-hard Seahawks fan!

CHP:  Seth Wickshershm is a what I would like to call a con-man. An obviously a grifter who makes up fake news. This is a new kind of gutter fiction that is plaguing America. Jay Clayton– you and him I understand are buddies scratching each others back, living in the in the same fraudster swamp…

Juicest: I don’t think this is a non-issue, but it’s also not nearly as big an issue as the media makes it out to be considering they’ve continued to win year in and year out. If Sherman was truly just tearing the team apart, they’d have pulled the triggered on a trade by now just to ship him out, just like they did with Harvin. I get it. He’s human, he can be upset until the day he passes, no matter how illogical it may seem at this point for most adults. It just happens.

That said, he seems really entitled and spoiled thanks to the situation that Pete and John have allowed him to have even just going off his tirade the last year or so. Go ahead and have a sense of entitlement when another team is actually gutting the defense to pay to protect their franchise QB, the most desired commodity in the game. Russell is basically tasked with carrying the entire offense on his shoulders. When he’s hurt, the run game goes with him because there’s simply not enough talent up front. The defense is able to have any sort of legacy because Russell let’s you keep a Kam and a Earl and Wagner and so on. Everyone has seen what happens to this defense when just one of those guys down.

Sooperlative: The finger pointing and anger was justified and understandable for the first few months following the loss.

It freaking hurt as a sports fan of this team. It really hurt for those of us who have played the game and watched the progression of this team over the years, only to see it capped by 1 flawed play.

That said, Sherman is just plain out of line. It is time he puts his college education to work. If he is so unhappy with Carroll and Bevell, and he just can’t handle playing here, he needs to be the man he purports to be and terminate his contract and ask the team to

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