How In The World Are Analyst’s Saying The Seahawks Are Going To Tank?

The Seattle Seahawks are collapsing.


In case you hadn’t heard.

It usually takes until about October for this narrative to emerge, but, because NFLNation needs something to obsess about during a half-year offseason, I suppose, the Seahawks are prime fodder once again. Listen to some national radio or check out some of the year-round studio shows, and you’ll find no shortage of analysts more or less ready to write off the Seahawks as true contenders, again. What’s driving this narrative? The fact that there’s finally nothing going on in the NFL — I’m sorry, OTAs don’t count — and the confluence of the recent ESPN article delving into some of the personality clashes in Seattle coming at a time when Colin Kaepernick, that community-service driven scoundrel of all scoundrels, visited the Seahawks. That pretty much explains the semi-annual proclamations about the imminent demise of this team and its locker room full of big egos and outsized personalities. CBS SPORTS

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