What is Pete Carroll looking for this off season and what might change next year?

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Pete Carroll talks about this off season. What he is looking for going into next year? What changes will be made and more.


“They are going for it. They’re trying to figure it out. Sometimes we don’t do it right. Sometimes I don’t do it right. Wish I could stay a step ahead of them. As the father figure here i wish i could catch them before they make a mistake but sometimes they just got to make their error. If your going to expect people (players) to take it as far as we want them to take it. We’re going to have to understand that sometimes its going to go to far.” 


“I’m so excited about another draft. It was such a good draft last year. There’s so many guys that are exciting to us. I said something to the guys about getting faster and stronger, here in this off season. Don’t let guys come in here and take your job because we are going to go out and try and find some. We’re going to. I don’t think there can be a lot of change. The elevated play of some of the young guys, they are going to be so much better. I think its going to be difficult for guys to beat them out but it’s all about the competition. So we are going to lay it out there, we are going to go for it. Johns going to do another great job with his guys, they’re going to bring us another 15 to 18 guys to see if they can make this club. We’ll see what happens.” 


“I’m really hoping the maturity of the guys up front on offense really comes to light. The competitiveness of the running back spot be at full flow with C.J. (Prosise) and Thomas (Rawls)  banging at it. Alex going at it. Also whatever else comes up (other players). We want to see C.J. develop as the player as we see him. He’s such a dynamic player in our scheme and Bev’s (Darrell Bevvell) ability to use him and put him all over the place. Nobody else can do what he can do. We saw it in just a short time. He had almost a 150 yards against New England and then comes back and has that 70 yard run the next week. Whats going to come the next week you know. That’s something we want to see develop.”


“The Secondary’s got to come back together. Deshawn getting hurt and whatever Earls doing, we don’t know what he’s doing and how he’s coming back. That’s going to be an area of focus for us. We have some really good young guys developing at the corner spots. We are anxious to see them come through but we will add to that for sure.” 


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